If you have cancelled your subscription but wish to resubscribe please follow the steps below.

For those users with our Founding Member deal, with an annual subscription costing just £9.99 or $11.99 if you want to keep this price, you must resubscribe by your renewal date. After this, you’ll be able to resubscribe at any time, but you’ll have to pay our usual price, currently £59.99.

Here’s how to resubscribe:

For iOS: on your phone, open Settings, then tap your name or profile at the top, and then Subscriptions. Find Uptime, and tap to renew/resubscribe.

For Google Play: At the top right, tap the profile icon, then Payments and subscriptions. Look for Uptime, and tap to renew/resubscribe.

Uptime subscriptions purchased in India will not be available for renewal. For further information on this please contact support@uptime.app

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