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How do I use the Spark tab?
How do I use the Spark tab?
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In this tab, you’ll find a selection of flashcards designed to help you retain the knowledge you’ve consumed on Uptime. These can be made up of your Sparks and key Insights from the Hacks you’ve consumed or simply your Sparks. You can choose whether or not you want to see both or just Sparks by selecting the cog icon inside your Spark tab.

We use spaced repetition to help you retain knowledge. It’s a scientifically proven technique that will help you memorize information more effectively and in much less time.

The idea of spaced repetition is to space out your revision sessions so that you're not trying to cram too much knowledge into your brain at once. We’ll show you flashcards and ask if you remember them. We then show you the cards at different intervals based on your answer until we’re sure you’ve got it. For those that need a little extra challenge, later intervals will introduce blanked-out words.

Every time you Spark new cards or consume new Hacks, the snippets will become available in the Spark tab for you to practice.

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